M8 Howitzer

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M8 Howitzer

Post by gbaylis1957 »

Just noticed this unit in the USA list and was wondering what its stats were and if it fired indirectly in some way?

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Re: M8 Howitzer

Post by Peter »

For indirect fire I'm pretty sure it would be off table.

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Re: M8 Howitzer

Post by Archdukek »

You will find the stats for the M8 Howitzer in the Consolidated AFV list which the author has produced and hosts on his GdB blog site. If you scroll down you will find a post below with a link.

I believe that it could fire directly so it could appear on table in that role, but could also be fired indirectly from off table. Might be wrong on the latter.


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Re: M8 Howitzer

Post by DCRBrown »

Yes, thank you John, that's right.

The M8 is the Lists is meant for deployment on table, where it is used in the direct fire mode.


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