Airborne drops and beach landings

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Re: Airborne drops and beach landings

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kyhamm wrote:
Mon Apr 26, 2021 5:22 pm
dakkadakka wrote:
Fri Apr 23, 2021 5:15 pm
I’m really interested in running the air assault on the Orne River and Caen Canal bridges by Major Howard’s Ox and Bucks. I know the coup de main operation itself was less than battalion strength (six gliders, each with a platoon, if memory serves); but, perhaps I could have a couple companies of either the 6th Airbourne or Lovat’s commandos to come in as reserves.

Any thoughts?


could add a couple reinforcement platoons to get the glider assault up to strength.
That’s an idea. But, with two extra platoons, plus adding confident and tenacious, that puts the Brits at 21 points. And, I’m not sure how to do the combat patrols with the glider assault. The Ox and Bucks certainly had no patrols out, as they landed pretty much right near the bridge, and went straight to work.

Although this is an amazing ruleset and I’m thoroughly enjoying playing it, I’m not sure if it’s cut out to handle airbourne landings.



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Re: Airborne drops and beach landings

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an idea for a scenario

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Re: Airborne drops and beach landings

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Is there any mileage in using the patrols as potential landing sites? The attackers nominating a preferred location in lieu of a Coy command site until the cmd lands. The defenders could use theirs as potential flak or anti landing defences to cramp the attackers options.

The result would be a challenge to find a suitable spot to land vs possibility of ambush?

You could add the option to deploy within 8 " with suitable forfeit. Ie roll x hits due to proximity of less than ideal landing site?

Just a thought!

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