Cristot question

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Cristot question

Post by gbaylis1957 »

Have been enjoying this scenario and the rules, but have a question on the terrain. It states that,"all woods are orchards, los goes through to far edge and no further "

Not sure if this is from the stand point of being outside and looking in, or being inside and trying to look out. I presume if you within an inch you can see out, like as if you were in woods.

Just confused by this interpretation of an orchard when compared to a normal orchard, that in the rules is in reality just treated as a very large hedge, ie it obscures but does not block los.


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Re: Cristot question

Post by dakkadakka »

It sounds to me like if you are outside the orchard you can see into every part of it; but, not all the way through to the other side. If you are inside the orchard, there is no LOS blockage.



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Re: Cristot question

Post by IanKH »

I agree with Jim's interpretation. Any units inside the orchard are visible but you still need to roll for Spotting.

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