Ambush Playing Solo

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Ambush Playing Solo

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Just started my first solo trial game of 'O' Group at last.

I know KevinS posted some useful ideas about units in Ambush when playing solo (viewtopic.php?f=45&t=14211&p=92249&hilit=solo#p92249) but just wondered if anybody else has had any ideas? I have tried putting markers in possible ambush positions with a letter on on the underside indicating whether it was a 'real' unit or just a 'dummy' marker which kind of works for the for the attacking side but doesn't really work for the 'ambushing' side (not knowing where their own units are)!

Grateful for any help/ideas.

Cheers Paul

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Re: Ambush Playing Solo

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You could treat them like super cp's? Ie place say 2 potential ones for each real ambush unit, without actually allocating them units,and only remove them if recced. Else the defender can activate them as an ambush in a similar way to c p's but only with ambush units?

Would force attacker to recce, and give the defender "options".

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