O' Group with 28mm figs

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Bloody Bill
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O' Group with 28mm figs

Post by Bloody Bill »

I have watched some how to play videos and the game looks really good. I have CoC and really enjoy that game. I only use 28mm miniatures and was wondering if this ruleset could work with 28's without needing a lot of space. If I can play the rules on a 8x12 table with 28's I will be fine.



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Re: O' Group with 28mm figs

Post by donglewwe »

My off-the-cuff, one-cup-of-coffee thoughts.

The main difficulty stems from the footprint of the figures/terrain relating to the ground scale (1:1000). It's possible to do infantry units by having a single figure represent a section (rifle or MG), and a BUA (village or town) could be a single building model. The look of the table would be odd and require a fair amount of translation for players between 'what you see' and 'what it means', but not impossible to accomplish - especially when compared to investing in a completely new scale.

The biggest hurdle, though, would be vehicles/armor. A tank model would occupy an area much greater than the scale footprint of the section it represents - it wouldn't even fit into a typical field, would it? dunno...numbers require more coffee. ; )

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Re: O' Group with 28mm figs

Post by Bertalucci »

Two Cups of Coffee thinking.

Bill, 8x12 is twice the recommended 6x4, so double all the ranges/distances in the rules and off ye go. In doing so unit footprint should be okay.
My own issue is that many of my buildings (15mm) are somewhat larger than those in the instruction videos making built up areas rather large. I need to think about how to split them into definable sections. I don't own Russians so Stalingrad is not an option.


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