cost of core forces

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Paul H
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cost of core forces

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The rules state (p. 73) that the core forces are of a lower points value than if taken straight from the rosters, "to encourage the use of well-balanced forces". I think this is a good idea but I am not sure it is carried out in practice. I calculated the 'core force discounts' as follows:

Late republican Romans:
Caesar 2 points
R & Numidians 0
R & Iberians 0

Early imperial Romans:
legion 0
cohors peditatae 3
cohors equitata 1

southern tribal 1
combined army 5
Iceni and Trinovantes 1
Calgacus 2

Gauls & Aquitani 4
Belgae 2
Vercingetorix 0

Rhine tribes 3
Germania magna 1
foederati 1

Do people think these discounts are enough? or is this a flaw that needs fixing?

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Captain Reid
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Re: cost of core forces

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They're all just rounded down to the nearest 5.

4 points isn't going to make much odds really, it's not really meant as a precise system
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