rules questions - tasks

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Paul H
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rules questions - tasks

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Hi there, I'm in the middle of some cow-capturing and would welcome advice.

If my task-performing group has a II leader, can he move the group with one command initiative and have it perform the task with a second?

If my task-performing group's leader card has not come up before Tempus Fugit, can I use a signa card to activate the group to perform the task?

Can two groups work on the same task simultaneously?


Paul H

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Captain Reid
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Re: rules questions - tasks

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1) No. Performing the Task is their activation so they can't move and Task unless moving would be an integral part of whatever task it was (and it's hard to see what that would be, but I suppose something might qualify).

2). I'd allow a Group to continue a Task they'd previously been set to perform (and hadn't stopped to do something else in the meantime) with a card played after Tempus. But it'd take a CI to initiate a task, or to restart an interrupted one (like if you'd begun to set a fire and then taken a turn firing arrows, you'd need to continue the task, so it'd be a CI - although in many cases you could pick up where you left off, you wouldn't necessarily need to begin accumulating Task points all over again).

3) depends what it is and how much room there is.
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