Hooray for Poker Chips!

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Hooray for Poker Chips!

Post by Waterhorse »

Big thanks for TFL Sales lighting turn round of my order for a set of Infamy poker chips! Three coats of Vallejo Washes in the appropriate colours (Red , Blue and Green for Tempus Fugit) then straight into action last night.

Never used chips before but I have to say I find them a big improvement over the game cards. Much faster game play, less intrusive on the table top and the ability to stir the contents of the draw bag between each chip appears to give a better random effect, without messing around shuffling cards between turns.

Shout out to Captain Reid for suggesting them! 👍

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Re: Hooray for Poker Chips!

Post by micheni »

Far better result with chips than cards

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Re: Hooray for Poker Chips!

Post by Richard »

Glad we came up with the goods. Post is terrible at present, but we do try.

Poke chips are, nevertheless, heresy!


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Re: Hooray for Poker Chips!

Post by Fairoaks024 »

I don’t know why, but I much prefer the cards

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