Would this be interesting?

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Would this be interesting?

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Would there be any interest in offers regarding bundlesfor Infamy, where each bundle has all the figures to complete any variant of a given core force (e.g. Imperial Romans) already built and painted?
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Ari Marsson
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Re: Would this be interesting?

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Not had any response to my posting with this idea/offer...

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Re: Would this be interesting?

Post by gcoops »

Possibly although I tend to use Ebay for that.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to price.

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Re: Would this be interesting?

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I think one reason bundles like this are of more limited appeal than one might expect are because you probably want a full (or nearly full) range of supports, not just a core.

For EIR I'd say an 'axuiliary bundle' would really need to be:

32 x foot auxilia plus centurion, optio, signifer, musician
12-18 x auxilia cavalry plus decurion, 2 x duplicarius (to be status I leaders if desired), signifer, musician (the latter two can act as ambush points)
8 x auxiliary archers (another 8 and a leader would probably be needed for comprehensive selection)
6 x allied cavalry (another 6 and a leader for completeness)
10 allied foot with a leader
5 legionaries crewing a scorpion
6 legionary engineers (there's a scenario needs them)
cart plus oxen/mules

That's 64-74 foot and 23-36 cavalry plus a scorpion and a cart with draft animals. Which is obviously going to be fairly hefty price wise. And at tat price point, I think people would just directly commission what they want. And a lot more than the 42 model 'core', with which you can only play a limited version of the game.

Obviously some folk would be very happy with just a core, but as I say, I think it's the desire for a visual coherence within the army and having a choice (which the actual gameplay really demands) that reduces the demand for an 'off the shelf' service. I've never really understood the '4 point Saga armies' that one sees on ebay for that reason. Even the 6 point ones force you down one route for your force.
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