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Do we have an Infamulator yet?

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Re: Infamulator

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No, Rich is having a well deserved holiday.


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Re: Infamulator

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Setting points values is an art not a science especially with extensive Unit Characteristics. Not all Characteristics are created equal. Thus what points would you set for Vipers against say Darken the Sky or Roman Drill vs Barbarian Fervour etc.

The points system was as much about experiment as about a formulaic approach before setting values that gave a good balance. Indeed during the first two thirds of play testing there was no points balancing at all - it was all about getting the mechanisms polished.

Personally I see no value yet in releasing an “Infamator” as the troop types and points have been set and feedback indicates that the relative points values are about right as by the games reports that I am seeing the win balance between the Romans and Barbarians is about equal!

Clearly if locally you want to tweak a unit or create a unique unit”, I would say look at the closest match from the book and use your feel for what it should be relative to that and go with it! There are lots of nuances in the rules and like many of the best games the rules can be easy to learn but will take time to master!

What is great to see from a few blogs is that a number of players are starting the Infamy Campaign.


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Re: Infamulator

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ok, so where are these blogs!

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