Melee Leader Casualties

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Melee Leader Casualties

Post by bandrsntch »

P62 it says "If a Leader contributes his dice to a combat, then there is a chance that he is wounded or killed if the Group he is attached to loses one or more figure. Roll a D6 for each Leader present in a combat. If the roll is under the number of figures killed in that round of combat, then the Leader is hit. "

As you can't roll under a one, I am wondering if this is a misprint. Shouldn't it be "equal to or under number of figures killed"? That would be consistent to the way fisticuffs is handled in Sharp Practice.

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Re: Melee Leader Casualties

Post by Archdukek »

No, it’s definitely roll under the number of killed. Rich has mentioned it a couple of times in the Demo games. Keep in mind that if a Warlord chooses to add extra dice above his Status Level in the Close Combat then he subtracts 1 per extra dice from the dice roll. So in that case he can be hit even if there is only 1 kill on the Group he is with.


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Re: Melee Leader Casualties

Post by DougM »

There's also the Assassin Infamy Card that can affect the numbers I believe.

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Re: Melee Leader Casualties

Post by Richard »

It is indeed under that number. As John and Doug have both rightly pointed out, there may be factors that reduce that roll and make the chance of a Leader casualty higher.


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