Horse killers and support.

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Horse killers and support.

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Hi all,

On page 12 of the rule book, right hand column 4th paragraph.
Horse killers may act as rear support for cavalry in close combat.

Page 74 troop characteristics horse killers.
May support or be supported by cavalry whilst in close combat against enemy cavalry.

Top one suggests they can support no matter who you are fighting.
Second one suggests only when fighting cavalry may you support or be supported.

Can they support and be supported vs foot?

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Re: Horse killers and support.

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Page 12 is talking only about when you have a Group of Warriors who are Foot Cavalry travelling as a Mixed Body with a Group of Cavalry for movement purposes and who, whilst still a Mixed Body are themselves attacked by an enemy. In such circumstances either:

the Warriors (if not Horse Killers) will be placed 6" to the rear of the cavalry to act as a Rally Point


the Warriors (if Horse Killers) will act as rear support to the Cavalry.

Horse Killers itself, on page 74 governs situations where the Groups are not operating as a Mixed Body.
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