Foederated / Roman style/ firing

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Foederated / Roman style/ firing

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Troops with Roman Style can fire on drill activations, but they also mob and act like non Roman warriors which can move/fire, and melee on activation. (As per faq)

Which takes precidence? Ie can they choose mode, and fire on the way in like other germans, (as one activation) or must they use drill to fire so 2 activations (or 3 if fire twice).

They will also get advantage of defensive fire on sigma activated fire in opponents turn?

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Re: Foederated / Roman style/ firing

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The FAQ clarifies that they may indeed use signa to throw missiles in the enemy's Activation, although it's pretty clear from their rule that they may do that anyway.

As to whether they must always use signa cards to throw missiles, I'd say yes (probably).

Although the Roman Style rule on p.75 specifies they may spend a card to throw javelins either before contacting an enemy or before an enemy contacts them, and so in theory so long as they don't attempt contact they could throw 'for free' like other non-Drilled Groups, it's much simpler to presume they must always use signa to throw their javelins.
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