Game Size Survey

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Game Size Survey

Post by Waterhorse »

OK just a quick question.

What size games are you all playing?

We opted to stick with our Chain of Command size 6ft x 6ft table and 28mm figures (not the same ones, obviously) as we like that little extra playing area.

Force wise, apart from the first few games, we are hovering around the 145 - 150 point level (including Supports) which we are finding works, by giving a reasonable spread of Groups and Types. Not to mention a certain "Look, I paid for 'em, I painted 'em, there bloody well going on't' table!" mentality that seems to pervade, post acquisition of new periods/rules ! :lol:

How about you?

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Captain Reid
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Re: Game Size Survey

Post by Captain Reid »

Pretty much as per the rulebook

90-115 point core forces (though not always as per the book ones which I find a little peculiar in some respects).

Up to 45 points of support depending on the Roll and the attacker's inclination. So ga,es have varied from just under 110 points to 160 points.

6 by 4 tables mainly. On 6 by 5, I increase the terrain to compensate.
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Re: Game Size Survey

Post by agentbalzac »

What Captain Reid says:

At our club in Perth, Western Australia, we're sticking with the published lists and support totals. Have been experimenting with some tweaking of the core lists (e.g. I upgraded EIR Legionaries to Veterans in my last game) but basically sticking with the structure. Games on 6'x4' with 28mm figures and terrain.

After the setup all this gives us a good evening's game. We have experimented with using a Play By Email dice roller and that online terrain generator to do setup over the preceding days which gets things going nicely on the night and helps resolve rules queries in advance.

We're also having fun playing an intra-club campaign using the rules in the book. Anyone can join in and we agree to accept advances/wounds players have achieved in other games. It throws up some mismatches like Barbarian civil wars but we work around them. Also provides and amusing narrative and banter.

The timeline will be used to track progress and determine an end point when enough players reach the end of the fighting season.

It's all good fun - we're not an overly competitive bunch!

I still haven't won with Romans yet but I'll get there! 😂

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Re: Game Size Survey

Post by Waterhorse »

Interesting stuff!

We did kind of start of with the Core Forces but where the Romans are concerned I find them peculiar in some ways too. I partly because I think they may fall foul of something I've noticed in other rules using points based lists. That's the difficulty of getting a balanced force that can actually do something for the points price you pay compared to what the Barbarians get for the money.

There does seem a tightrope to walk between making Romans too cheap for the advantages any given rules give them and setting the points limit per game at the level of the Barbarian force. Which results in the Romans being so out manned, any advantage given is overwhelmed by numbers. I think the Core Forces struggle with this.

The other Core Force I'm struggling with, or rather one element of it, is the Combined Army of the Britons, two Groups of Chariot mounted Nobles. Their ability to zip round the table and provide an effective blocking force after being dropped off, is getting more than annoying. Two man chariots that move faster than Cavalry, with the occupants staying on board? Really?

Must look up that Mike Loades video and check my ideas!

Just how many of these items would have a local tribe, or even army, have? The figure scale is either 1:1 or 1:5. So that's either 20 or 100. Would they really send 100 chariots with 100 of there best Warriors to sort out a Roman force of a couple of Centuries, plus additions. Or possibly even more unlikely, 20 to lead a force against a hand full of Contubernium? Who knows!

In any case, it sounds like great fun is being had Down Under.

If its any consolation I only won my first game as Romans this week - thanks to a Cavalry unit managing to shepherd the pay wagon off the table by running down the edge like a mouse! Didn't plan it that way, just saw the gap and went for it!

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Re: Game Size Survey

Post by Sincilbanks »

Basic lists + support as per the rules for the armies. 15mm figures with a 8cm base frontage on a 5'6 x 3'6 table which seems to work fine in practice.

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