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Little Wars 2019 Update

Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2019 2:11 pm
by e.harding
So our first pass at a Midwest chapter of Lard America event seemed to go really well. We managed to put on 10 official Lard American games and had a further 3 Lardie rules games run by others that I recruited (willingly) into our Lard America group. I believe every game was fully subscribed and we had a lot of new players that we introduced to the rules. I ran a well-received Jacobite SP2 game on Friday and on Saturday, with the help of Mark Huml, ran 4 WAT 1941 desert games back to back and had 36 players participate, all seemed to really enjoy it, only a few had played before, but all picked it up after turn 1 or 2. One fellow came back later and told me had had so much fun he went to the dealer area and bought 14 tanks! Thanks to willing game masters, Mark Huml (SYW SP2), Liam Harding (ACW SP2 & SCW COC), Paul Scrivens (ACW SP2), Jim Heniff (WWII COC) along with new recruits Al Muelling (ACW SP2) and Jim Harms (WWII COC). I talked with the event organizer for next year and he will treat us as a group and work out a specific area we can use, will be more organized for that and get games better assigned for times and tables. All in all, a fine event, I’m sure someone will post pictures. Thanks to Ed and Patrick for their support and sharing the Lard America banner to which we added a “Midwest Chapter” and displayed all weekend!

Re: Little Wars 2019 Update

Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2019 3:37 pm
by weharding
Blog post with pictures up here