"Pickett's Lard" - Gettysburg Lard Day 2019

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"Pickett's Lard" - Gettysburg Lard Day 2019

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It was great seeing some of you at Cold Wars this weekend, where I think we all did the TFL name proud. For some time now we've been talking about holding a (somewhat regional) Lard Day event in Gettysburg, PA. As my work at the battlefield will soon take over my weekends until autumn I spoke with a few of those present at the convention and we've decided to pull the trigger on what I hope will be the first of many great events, so we'll be hosting "Pickett's Lard" on Saturday, May 4, 2019 (to those to whom I said May 1, I apologize for looking at my calendar incorrectly).

My wife is the pastor of a church just outside Gettysburg (15 minutes from downtown, 10 minutes from the battlefield visitor center) that has a large standalone fellowship hall that will work wonderfully for our purposes and can be reserved for the day for $150. I figure we can divide the day into morning, afternoon, and even, late afternoon/evening sessions. Downtown Gettysburg hosts a wide variety of great watering holes where we can enjoy a pint and some chow after the dice and minis have been packed away.

I know quite a few of you live close enough to warrant a day trip, but for those interested, I'd be more than happy to extend the event into Sunday with one or two of my walking tours on the Gettysburg battlefield.

Additionally, for those wishing to arrive Friday evening or stay until Sunday, the wife of our fellow Lardie, Chris Thomas, works for the local tourism bureau and could arrange a group/event rate at one of the local hotels. If anyone is interested in this option, we'd probably want a rough headcount by the end of the month.

I know talked to a few of your directly at Cold Wars, but are there others who might be interested? I know it may be a little short notice for the Lardies outside the mid-Atlantic, but I hope we can grow this event in the fut


Andrew Frantz

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Re: "Pickett's Lard" - Gettysburg Lard Day 2019

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May the 4th be with you!
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Re: "Pickett's Lard" - Gettysburg Lard Day 2019 (3-5 May 2019)

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In case I missed anyone in my email blast:

Pickett's Lard (Gettysburg Lard Day) 2019

1) BASICS - Since there was a conflict with the standalone hall, the event will be held at St. John's Lutheran Church, 665 St Johns Rd, Littlestown, PA, 17340. The church is located just off the Baltimore Pike (PA-97) and is about 15 minutes from downtown Gettysburg. The advantage of getting the room inside of the church building and not the standalone hall is that there is no fee to rent the space, so the event will be completely free!

2) LODGING - For those needing it, Chris Thomas reached out to a number of local hotels to get us a competitive group rate. The best offer came from the Comfort Suites (located at 945 Baltimore Pike, Gettysburg, PA 17325 - right on Cemetery Hill). The rate is $129.00 for Friday night and $139.00 for Saturday. Just give them a call (717-334-6715) and tell them you're with Pickett's Lard! Act quickly, because the block will only be available this week (book by 4/13).

3) FOOD - We'll provide some snacks and soft drinks throughout the games, but please feel free to bring your preferred munchies/beverages. Beer is allowed in the hall, but it will be BYOB. For meals, please see the schedule for details

Now the fun stuff:


Friday (May 3)- For those arriving Friday afternoon/evening, we'll be arranging something for dinner/drinks/socializing - it will all depend on our final head count.

Saturday (May 4) - I will be arriving at the church early (~730 to get everything ready to go), so feel free to arrive any time after that, especially for those running games in the first session

The plan is to have two, 3-hour game sessions. At this moment, we should only need 3 games per session and I've already spoken with the respective GMs - thank you to those who have volunteered - about what they're running. We won't be doing any sort of pre-reg for the game slots, we'll just see what people want to play the day of (this will give us the most flexibility considering our size).

Morning Session (9:30 AM - 12:30 PM):
Chain of Command - Op Sea Lion, 15mm, hosted by Jon Yuengling
Sharp "Plastic"/Practice - Napoleonic, Lego, hosted by Tim Cameron
What a Tanker! - North Africa, 15mm, hosted by Andrew Frantz/Chris Thomas
We'll break around 12:30 for tear down/set up and lunch. I'll order some pizzas for the group, but request everyone contribute a little towards lunch (again, a lot will depend on our headcount)

Afternoon (2 PM - 5/5:30 PM):
Chain of Command - Blitzkrieg 1940, 28mm, hosted by John Emmett
Sharp Practice - AWI, 28mm, hosted by Ed Bowen
Chain of Command - Eastern Front, 28mm, hosted by Ed Leland
**If there is interest, Chris Thomas or myself can run another game of WAT

As games reach a natural stopping point between 5:00-5:30, we can pack up/clean up and then head back to Gettysburg for hotel check-in and dinner. We'll make dinner reservations somewhere and then eventually wend our way to the bar next to the hotel.

Sunday (May 5) - For those staying over to Sunday, I'll be offering one or two of my battlefield walks. They are from the park's "Face of Battle" series and each follows one soldier through their particular experience of the fighting (in my case, a Pennsylvania captain who fought on McPherson's Ridge on July 1st and a private from Maine in the Wheatfield on July 2). We'll see what everyone's schedules/interests are like and go from there. I'm happy to offer one or both of those options. Afterwards, those who are left can grab some lunch and say our goodbyes.

4) FREE STUFF - We'll have some welcome bags compliments of Destination Gettysburg and my part-time employer, For the Historian (Gettysburg's premier military history bookstore) has graciously offered to provide some door prizes. Attendees will also receive in-store discounts through the weekend, so be sure to stop by on your way out Sunday.

I know this is a lot, but I figured it'd be the best way of relaying information. As soon as we hear the final details about the hotel, we'll pass it along. Feel free to ask any questions, and, to get us an accurate headcount, please let me know if you will be attending and if you'll be arriving Friday and/or staying for Sunday's walks.

Things are coming together better than we expected and I'm really looking forward to the event!

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Re: "Pickett's Lard" - Gettysburg Lard Day 2019

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Room is reserved. Looking forward to a great weekend!


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Re: "Pickett's Lard" - Gettysburg Lard Day 2019

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I am, too! Glad you guys can make it!


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