US Pacific NorthWest TFL Events ??

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US Pacific NorthWest TFL Events ??

Post by JohnYankee »

Anyone from the Pacific North West Region of the US, interested in Too Fat Lardies game rules please feel free to leave a a message here, although at the time of this post being written, the severity of the pandemic is gaining strength, still i hope i can get a group of TFL players in the region together when the pandemic subside, i have limited social media presence hence i am not going to put a second post outside the TFL forum.

I wish everyone great health and all the best.

John - a Too Fat Lardies fan.
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Re: US Pacific NorthWest TFL Events ??

Post by donglewwe »

Please forgive the tangential hijack.

In addition to leaving a message as the OP requests, I encourage you to put a pin in the map: ... 225808&z=6
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Re: US Pacific NorthWest TFL Events ??

Post by RhinoVT »

I would be interested.
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