Hull mounted guns

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Hull mounted guns

Post by Simon »

Has anyone developed any house rules for tanks such as the M£ Lee/Grant and M11/39 that had the main gun in the hull and so have limited traverse? The M3 also has a smaller AT capable gun in the rotating turret.



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Re: Hull mounted guns

Post by BaronVonWreckedoften »

Would also be useful for the Char B1-bis of 1940.
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Re: Hull mounted guns

Post by SteveC »

I think this is covered on page 37, under Arcs of Aim. 60 degrees is quite generous for tanks with a hull mounted gun, so it has some built in allowance for the vehicle rotating on the spot to track/engage the chosen target. As the turret is moved to align with the target, so should the vehicle with the fixed/limited traverse gun.

If you feel +/- 30 degrees from straight ahead is too generous, no reason not to introduce a house rule for a tighter limit - say +/- 15 degrees.

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Re: Hull mounted guns

Post by magicfan »

The simple way of doing it without changing the rule system is to count the two guns as one (aim, reload, etc, as the crew would be unlikely to shoot both at the same time) but have a higher strike value in the front arc only to represent the hull mount. In the case of the Lee/Grant: I think Strike 6 front arc only and Strike 4 for the remaining arcs. For the Char B, the hull mount can be ignored as I do not think it had any anti-tank ammunition. (I believe the subject has been raised before somewhere in the deep depths of this forum)

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