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Re: Big WaT

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My suggestion fot this topic and staying with the Keep It Simple idea, is that the Commanding tank can use '6' wild dice (if any) for a 'MOVE ALL TANKS IN SAME DIRECTION' action, each tank in the command getting a 'free' move towards an objective there and then if they wish to. As for lack of radios, a tank (including commanders own) can only use this extra move if it is unbuttoned and in sight of the commander.

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Re: Big WaT

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No house rules, but...there a ywo part article in WSS magazine which incorporated infantry and A/T weapon in a WAT game. Concept was pretty cool. We played a few games, to include a couple of scenarios from WSS magazine and Lardmag 2018. I would look into those instead of re-inventing the wheel.
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