What a Walker

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What a Walker

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Ever since I bought the What a Tanker rules from Too Fat Lardies, I have been thinking about using them with my Sci-Fi walker models.
I have the Quadrant 13 ruleset, but that is a company level game and my walkers are "28mm sized" while table space is limited.
So I combined the walker rules from Q13, including the method to calculate strike & armour values, with the WaT rules.

Extra rule changes:

Entire board is short range.
Acquisition sensors: replaces (un)buttoned. Player has to decide to expose acquisition sensors.
Stabilizers: walkers retain aim while moving
Walkers can step over obstacles up to half their leg hight.
Armour value includes active defense equipment, ECM, etc., etc.

Mind you I'm not trying to get as close to the real thing (whatever that is in Sci Fi) as possible. I just like the way WaT plays.

Has anyone tried this before?
Any tips for additions / changes?

There are some pictures and a short AAR on my blog:
https://toomuchterrain.blogspot.com/202 ... -game.html


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