WAT rules to carry-over to IABSM?

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WAT rules to carry-over to IABSM?

Post by dsenebrecht » Wed Aug 14, 2019 3:26 pm

Hi folks: So I've played about 8 games of IABSM over the past year. All good and really enjoying it but wondering if there's some good WAT rules I can easily incorporate into IABSM to add realism but still keep game flowing and still keep IABSM as a company game.

I like IABSM tank vs tank because it is simple and moves quickly but
...........there's only two range bands in the "To Hit Table" for Tank vs. Tank 0-18 inches and 18 inches plus..........does WAT have a 36 inch plus option
........there doesn't seem to be much advantage for high velocity main guns in terms of increased hit probability, e.g for 88s, high velocity 75 in Panther, 17-lb pounder in Firefly and 3-inch in M-10..... (yes, they get more strike dice but first they have to hit the tank)

Have other IABSM players tweaked IABSM tank rules after they started playing WAT?

Thanks, Dan

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