Shooting twice at enemy that retreats or retires

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Shooting twice at enemy that retreats or retires

Post by javimon »

Good evening, we have one question that maybe you can help us with.

Shooting phase, an artillery battery (battery 1) doesn´t have enemies inside its arc of fire, so it can´t shoot. Another battery (battery 2) has an available enemy target, it shoots at it and the enemy has to pass a discipline test, it throws a 2 and has to retreat. When it retreats it enters the arc of fire of the battery 1. Can battery 1 now shoot at that same enemy that retreated from battery 2 fire?

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Re: Shooting twice at enemy that retreats or retires

Post by Archdukek »

Hi Javier,
On balance I’d say yes. While the rules recommend that shooting should be conducted from left to right or by brigade, this is for ease of play. It’s up to the player to decide the sequence in which units fire. Since the enemy has to retreat immediately and during the Firing phase then I would be inclined to allow the first battery to fire on the retreating unit. If this seems a bit harsh you could always allow the fire to proceed at half effect on the basis that line of sight was restricted for some of the Firing phase.


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