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Re: Charge

Post by DCRBrown »

As the rules stand a unit may always fire a defensive volley when charged.

However I have now introduced the below as a test amendment. Once its play tested a good few times it may come out in official form at some point.

All charges that break their opponent, (by forcing either a retreat/rout result) may conduct 1 x Charge On! Or Hold the Ground.
Units being charged by a "Charge On! Unit cannot fire and no supporting units may fire. (Consider too much confusion, smoke, etc.)

So basically any charge than forces its target to "run away" can charge on.


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Re: Charge

Post by bellebsc »

Hi Nick

I forgot about the rule amendment in the FAQ....So yes I responded with a ruling out the book but again I forgot the amendment.

So basically if charged within 15" the infantry still take a DT...but only to try and stand as they can't form square.

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