Obscure Q on Brigades

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Obscure Q on Brigades

Post by Maturin »

Hi Everyone
Sorry but a rather obscure definition that I could not find the answer to in the rule book.
Brigades get a 50% or more definition as Elite, Vet/Line or Recruit and this can be important when rolling on the Falter table
Is this set for the whole game?
If a mixed brigade of Vets (50%) and Recruits (50%) classed as lets say Veterans disperses some of its Veteran units does the Brigade go down to Recuit Score? also vica verca.
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Re: Obscure Q on Brigades

Post by nikjen66 »

Hi M. I think it’s supposed to be set and would be usual to see a mix of higher and much lower quality troops in the same brigade and that mix by 50\50 but, I suppose French 1813/14 might see this!
For our group we probably would use the majority type at the begging but, I suspect if we’d a brigade with 2 Vet and 2 Recruit and one of the recruits was lost and the brigade faltered we’d test as Vet and vice versa if the balance of units left was recruits.
I suppose the argument is who’d be the most worried by the loss of the other. If the Vets see a load of recruits do a runner they’d be less concerned than the recruits seeing the good quality troops Leaving in a hurry.

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