Command skilll and ADC's

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Command skilll and ADC's

Post by stevey1112 »

Hello there,

I have just purchased your rule-set and am enjoying what I am reading thus far. I am interested in finding out whether there is a relationship
between the commanders skill or initiative and the no of ADC's that you dice for. As I understand it you have a chance of receiving one ADC per
brigade and only the French get an extra one. Does this mean that a Spanish Peninsular army of 5 brigades has potentially the same initiative as
a British Division of 5 brigades led by Wellington?
Is the quality of the different armies reflected in firing and melee ability as shown and not in the initiative of the ADC's or am I missing something?

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Re: Command skilll and ADC's

Post by Archdukek »

Hi Stevey,
You can use the table on page 7 to adjust the ability level of the Divisional commander on each side which will determine how many ADCs they get. Or you can simply assign a rating based on their historical performance. So in your example a poor Spanish divisional commander might be rated as a Blusterer thus losing one of his potential ADCs while a high quality commander might be rated as Incomparable thus gaining an ADC.

More senior commanders like Wellington wouldn’t be commanding the division directly, but can exert an influence if you use the Corps Commander optional rules in Chapter 11.

Be careful though in making such changes since a lack of sufficient ADCs to start with can seriously hamper a sides performance. I generally recommend having 5 ADCs, 4 as a minimum, since not all will be available each turn.


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