100 Days - Battle of Gilly

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100 Days - Battle of Gilly

Post by bvera »

Finally played the first scenario of the book (Battle of Gilly).
This is small but challenging scenario that I would recommend to anyone as an introductory game.

The French has to demoralise two prussian brigades by the end of the game.

The Prussians are mostly reservists and low rated units, but have a decent artillery support and superiority in cavalry. In addition they have to defend a river line (which is always a nuisance for an attacker even if crossable)... and the French have to comply with the victory conditions in no more than 10 turns (so time is against them)

I played the Prussian and won a straight victory as none of my brigades suffered the slightest damage. For the Prussian is critical the timing of retiring from the river line, to avoid getting smashed by the French fire and then columns charging. If you hold for at least 6 turns, then it's going to be hard for the French to chase you in time, even after crossing the river (that although crossable by infantry, is difficult terrain and slows movement).

I also think that part of the Prussian victory is explained by the French player, who was in this case too cautious in his approach, and tried to bring the whole French army including reserves) into line before attacking, losing precious time.

Having a limited number of turns to play clearly accelerates the game as players are more focused. We manage to play 9 turns (at that time the French conceded defeat) in three hours roughly, a world record for us compared to previous games. I'd like to repeat this scenario but switching sides and see what happens.

Overall, quite a nice little game and as I said at the start, quite challenging for both sides
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Re: 100 Days - Battle of Gilly

Post by Simmerson »

Sounds like a good game. I was building forces to do the quatre bras scenario.

Although I may try the battle of gilly and swap the Prussians out for some Brunswick/Dutch troops as I have yet to start on Prussians yet.

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Re: 100 Days - Battle of Gilly

Post by nikjen66 »

Our group has played Gilly as well. Great game incredibly tense!

We’re now up to Plancenoit and so far every game has had a historic outcome, with the exception of the larger Mont St Jean scenario which the French won, albeit a very bloody affair.

Dave, we’re nearly done with this one, where’s the next book?? Lol

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Re: 100 Days - Battle of Gilly

Post by alcibiades »

We just played the Gilly scenario this past Saturday and had a great game. Everyone enjoyed the game and more importantly, really liked the rules. We completed all 10 turns in just over three hours with the Prussians handily fending off the French attacks. The French had absolutely diabolical die rolls for obtaining Aides followed by equally diabolical Brigade rolls. For the first four turns Lefol's powerful brigade, stationed on the French left flank, refused to move forward with Corsin's Brigade to it's right only moving twice notwithstanding assigned Aides for rerolls. I have never seen more 2s rolled. Regardless, a ton of fun and we are looking forward to a replay and the rest of the scenarios although we will have to sub in Prussians and Portuguese for Brunswickers and Dutch/Belgians. I'm really looking forward to the Vitorio scenario book and have my fingers crossed that Dave will give us something for 1809 and 1813/14.

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