Map for Mont St Jean scenario

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Map for Mont St Jean scenario

Post by bigduke1327 » Fri Jul 12, 2019 4:12 pm


Just wanted to check I've been reading the map right for the Mont St Jean scenario in the 100 Days supplement.

There are 2 contour lines in the British/Allied Deployment area. I read this as a ridge, so the one nearer the French is the 'up' and the other one the 'down'. This allowed the Allies the choice of either deploying 'forward' on the top or front face of the ridge (Bylandt), or deploying back behind the ridge so out of Grand Battery view.

The thing that's confusing me is the location of the sandpit - I thought this was in front of the ridge, not on the crest. And shouldn't the hedgeline be at the crest of the ridge?

Sooo - should they both be 2 'up' contours, ie, rising ground towards the British edge. This however means the whole Allied deployment is in view of the oncoming French and their guns.

This is by the way my only criticism of many of the maps in TFL products, especially Chain of Command supplements. It's very difficult to tell if the contours are 'ups' or downs' and which way they run.

We're hoping to play the 'big' version of the scenario in September so want to make sure I've got it right.

Cheers, Mart

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Re: Map for Mont St Jean scenario

Post by nikjen66 » Sat Jul 13, 2019 11:36 am

We played this, after some discussion, as a lower and upper contour with the grand Battery only being able to reach the lower contour/slope. But, we also played anything beyond the road as being on the reverse slope for the allies to leave that little ‘surprise’ for the French coming over the crest.

We played the large version of the game last week and next week will play the smaller one as we felt the addition of the cuirassiers made a big difference to the game balance.

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