Hügel's brigade and skirmish bases?

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Hügel's brigade and skirmish bases?

Post by sandyfalkirk » Tue May 28, 2019 9:27 pm

Hi folks,

I did search and get some answers but I really just wanted to double check I am getting this right.

Played first game the other day, 1809 set up Austrian vs Allies. I honestly think these may be the best rules I've ever used, and I've searched a long time for ones like this. Anyway..

So my question. Brigade skirmish screen....what do you do with something like Hügel's Württemberg brigade? Or a brigade from say the British light Divison?

3 battalions in the brigade so 3 Skirmish bases....extra one base for half or more btns being light. So Brigade screen = 4 bases?

But then does that mean that I can still deploy 3 close order battalions AND then break them all into skirmish independently? !

More questions, specifically about this brigade....

What would you rate them? They seem to be considered pretty good and their performance in Gill's book is impressive. Veteran for all ?

Lastly....any idea if the Jagers were armed with Rifles at all?

Light Brigade: General-Major Hügel
König Jäger battalion
Wolff Light battalion
Bruselle Light battalion

Thanks anyone taking the time to read and answer. Appreciate it.

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Re: Hügel's brigade and skirmish bases?

Post by Polish Lancer » Tue May 28, 2019 11:17 pm

Konig jagers - from what I have found rifled muskets/carbines. Excellent troops and much admired by the French. One source mentioned "semi Guard status", so I would agree with Veterans. Or maybe Grenadier.

So, yes you have 3 close order battalions that could redeploy into 3 additional independent skirmish groups + your brigade skirmish screen

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Re: Hügel's brigade and skirmish bases?

Post by Archdukek » Wed May 29, 2019 11:22 am

Yes you could have a Brigade skirmish screen of 4 bases plus any or all 3 of the light infantry battalions subsequently deploying into skirmish formation as independent units as well if circumstances, particularly the terrain, demanded it. However, I would be cautious about dissolving all the units into skirmishers. Even the Light Brigade usually operated with the Light Infantry battalions in close order to provide the essential supports for the skirmishing troops.

I too would have no problems rating the Wurttembergers as at least Veteran if not in some cases Grenadier as Polish Lancer suggests. They were excellent troops.


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Re: Hügel's brigade and skirmish bases?

Post by sandyfalkirk » Wed May 29, 2019 6:09 pm

Thank you for the responses, clears it up and confirms we are getting it right.

I see that Gills "With Eagles to Glory" page 132 does indeed say that the Jagers were armed with "front rank armed with rifled muskets (Buchsen) and the second with rifled carbines (Karabiner)"

Now I've no idea what the difference is but I'm going to give the entire (könig jäger) unit rifles, rate them as Veteran and the two light btns as Grenadier. 4 Skirmish bases and 3 formed battalions for the brigade, a very useful unit in the wooded and hilly terrain for the battles in Bavaria.

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