Cossacks in woods

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Cossacks in woods

Post by bellebsc »

Hi John.

Not used Cossacks much in gaming, so a little advice would be great.

In the rules on page 41 CHARGE RESTRICTIONS, section 10. Cavalry may not declare charges into woods.

Am I right in thinking that cavalry can charge OUT of woods? More so the Cossacks as they were known for such deeds.



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Re: Cossacks in woods

Post by Archdukek »

Hi Ricky,

I’ve never played with Cossacks, or any Russians for that matter, so I’m not aware if any special rules which apply to them apart from paragraph 13 on page 41. However, I think the answer to your question is no cavalry can’t charge out of woods.

See the rules on Rough Terrain, which includes woods, on page 61. Fifth bullet point says that “Cavalry may not voluntarily enter Rough Terrain.”
So cavalry shouldn’t be in the woods in the first place to charge out of as far as I can see.

You’d need a house rule if you want to give Cossacks or other Irregular cavalry that option.


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