skirmish fire

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skirmish fire

Post by Duxjack »

hello i am a french new player.
I have aquestion about skirmish fire

artillery an infantry have a malus when they fire on a deployed artillry battery, does a skirmish firing line has a penalty if it fires on deployed artillery ?

best regard

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Re: skirmish fire

Post by baxterj »

DJ, the rules say no. Skirmishers lose a CD when firing at other skirmishers, but not artillery. I guess the logic is that artillery gunners present as a clumped target when serving a gun unlike skirmishers who can take advantage of cover even when firing.

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Re: skirmish fire

Post by Archdukek »

No skirmish fire gets no penalty in those circumstances. Pretty sure this has come up before and DB has confirmed that it is deliberate and reflects the comparative success of Skirmishers individual fire against gun crew.


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Re: skirmish fire

Post by DCRBrown »

Yes, not only do their represent a more dense target than skirmishers, but artillerymen also stand rigidly to attention and in the same position after each drill movement, thus making a relatively easy target.

It's also designed to encourage players to support their batteries and not leave them isolated or at the mercy of enemy skirmishers.

Hope that helps.


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