Cavalry in Column Charged

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Cavalry in Column Charged

Post by MarcusColenious »

During play yesterday, we had an interesting situation arise. A squadron of cavalry in Attack Column charged a cavalry in March Column from the front.

The defending cavalry column could have evaded, but decided to stand (which at the time, I thought was odd). The defending cavalry unit since it was in march column cold not defending fire, as we moved to the charge results. Looking at the modifiers, since this was not a flank attack, and no other modifiers applied, the attack column against the march column was a straight up 2d6 roll against each other.

Question: There are no Charge Roll modifiers if the charged enemy is in March Column? This could be infantry or cavalry. Is that correct?

I scoured the rules and did not see anything to conflict this conclusion Am I missing something somewhere?

As it turns out the charging cavalry won the die roll, and send the defending march column back with a whipped result. I would have laughed if the march column had won so well, that they could have send the attacker running, and been able to Press On for 2d6 movement.

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Re: Cavalry in Column Charged

Post by Archdukek »

Hi Marcus,
Yes I believe that is correct, there is no modifier for the enemy being in March Column. At least I can’t find any either.

In General D’Armee, which I’m more familiar with, there is no specific modifier either but a cavalry unit on a narrower frontage suffers a -1 modifier in the Charge Procedure which would cover this kind of case usually.

If you want an advantage in these circumstances the attacking cavalry would need to manoeuvre to place itself on the March column’s long flank before charging if it could.


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