Unlimbering Artillery

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Unlimbering Artillery

Post by MarcusColenious »

We are playing a game where the table is filled with hills covered in dense woods. During play, we noticed that is was very difficult to find a place where you could deploy a 3 section (3 stands, 6 guns) battery because you cant deploy in dense woods. However, it was possible to deploy 2 sections of a 3 section battery.

Question: Can a 3 section (3 stands, 6 guns) battery unlimber and deploy with only 2 sections in line and fire as a 4-gun battery instead of 6?

We ruled that it was legal, but thought we should consult the experts.

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Re: Unlimbering Artillery

Post by Peter »

I would allow it, on a "play the period" basis. Historically I guess the choice would be between deploying fewer guns, or deploying them closer together.

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Re: Unlimbering Artillery

Post by Archdukek »

I’d agree with Peter. It would be a perfectly reasonable response to the close terrain the artillery finds itself in and the kind of decision the battery commander would take.


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Re: Unlimbering Artillery

Post by Tony TRT »

Some people have reduced the battery still further.

Two-Gun Sections (1 model gun)
The rules don’t really cover 2-gun sections (one model gun) such as that deployed in some historical scenarios. Here’s a scenario specific house rule that’s been used by……. And seems to work.

A One-gun model fires as a four-gun (two model guns) battery but fires at half effect. Ignore any references to ‘Elephant Tests’ on the Artillery Fire Casualty Chart. In addition, it is dispersed when only four casualties are received. It may not limber and move once three casualties have been suffered.


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