Charging a Sniper

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Charging a Sniper

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When a Sniper is charged, does it simply Evade without an Elephant Test in all instances?

So, we were playing in our 3rd game, and had a situation where an enemy sniper was deployed in front of my skirmishers. It has been noted in this forum that snipers are treated as skirmishers.

Page 62 of the rules says that Skirmishers automatically fall back before advancing close order units to maintain the respective set distance from enemy infantry and cavalry. Skirmishers are not considered closer order units, so advancing on the sniper with my skirmishers does not force the sniper back and my skirmishers would have to stop when they got within 3” of the sniper.

So, I decided to charge the enemy sniper (considered a skirmisher) with my skirmishers to push them back so that my other forces could move forward without being vulnerable to the sniper. Page 36 says that skirmishers can charge skirmishers. We decided that the one or two man sniper unit could not stand and fight the advancing skirmishers (even if in cover), so it would evade per the rules on page 42 and 43. There is no See the Elephant test from page 43, as the skirmishers who are charging are not close order AND because a sniper has no Troop Grading.

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Re: Charging a Sniper

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That seems about right, simply evade with the sniper. I think in reality, a sniper team would up sticks pretty quickly if a few hundred enemy were closing in! :)


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