Reforming Skirmishers?

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Reforming Skirmishers?

Post by MarcusColenious »

Is an Unlimbered Battery of Artillery, in the same brigade, considered a close order unit so that skirmishers can reform to battle line behind them?

Also, can skirmishers form up behind a close order unit of another brigade?

We had a interesting situation arise in our last game. I had two units of infantry and an artillery battery in a brigade. Based on scenario and situation, I deployed both brigades to skirmishers to advance on the unknown F.o.W. enemy. As the battle progressed, I want to reform to line, but since both infantry units in the brigade were in skirmish formation, neither could form up behind the other. Even though the enemy was more than 20 inches away... It all worked out, but that that that was odd. Any other options in the game that I missed that my units could have formed line?

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Re: Reforming Skirmishers?

Post by Archdukek »

No, I don’t believe that an unlimbered and deployed artillery battery counts as a Close Order unit. It is certainly not treated as such when being fired on, only limbered artillery are treated as a Close Order target.
While I can see an argument for allowing Skirmishers to reform behind a friendly battery, the rules don’t specifically address that point as far as I can see.

The rules do say that Skirmishers can fall back and reform behind “a friendly close order unit” within 15cm[9”]. No mention of it being restricted to a unit of the same Brigade. Any friendly close order unit which qualifies would do.


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