Dispersing and an Elephant Test?

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Dispersing and an Elephant Test?

Post by MarcusColenious »

When a unit takes enough hits to be forced to Disperse, would that occur before a forced Elephant Test would be taken, or before a Rout Move might be made because of the Elephant Test? Example: A small unit with 6 hits already takes a devastating volley of fire causing a 5/ET. The hits would now total 11, so the small unit would disperse…

But, if the unit was forced to take the elephant test and routed first, it would cause units around it to possible have adverse effects before the unit disperses.

Question: So does the unit just disperse or does it do an Elephant Test, and then disperse?

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Re: Dispersing and an Elephant Test?

Post by Archdukek »

I have assumed that the unit immediately disperses and therefore there is no unit around to Take the Elephant test or potentially rout through friends. There are simply too few survivors to disrupt any surrounding units.


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Re: Dispersing and an Elephant Test?

Post by Tony TRT »

I agree with John. I seem to do a lot that :D

Page 67 gives a clue;
Disperse. The unit has broken completely and the men skedaddle. Remove from play. Units disperse if:
a. It reaches its Casualty Dispersal Point.

Therefore there is no unit to take an Elephant Test they have already gone.


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