Flank Charges and Elephant Test

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Flank Charges and Elephant Test

Post by MarcusColenious »

If a unit that is charged on its flank, and fails its Elephant Test as is whipped or routed, then can the charging unit continue its move similar to routing skirmishers when charged?

Page 45 under Procedures, indicate that if a close order unit charges skirmishers, then the skirmisher take a See the Elephant Test when evading. The reaction to this, is that the close order unit may now continue its charge move if it has remaining distance. Does this also apply, when the charging unit causes a See the Elephant test because it is charging the FLANK of an enemy close order unit, which becomes whipped or routed?

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Re: Flank Charges and Elephant Test

Post by Archdukek »

I’d let the charging unit have the same options to Pursue, Take the Ground or Press On in that circumstance which is the same outcome if the Defenders got a Rout or Whipped result from the Charge Procedure roll.


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