Should there be a Rout Marker?

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Should there be a Rout Marker?

Post by MarcusColenious »

There are a number of references to results leaving a unit routed, but there is no Routed marker in the game. When a unit is routed should it be given a status of Routed?

Page 49 talks about Whipped and Routed units reforming.

Page 47 has formation changes for Whipped or Routed units.

Page 32 says that when a Brigade is Hesitant, then Whipped units can not be rallied. AND is says that Routed units disperse.

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Re: Should there be a Rout Marker?

Post by Archdukek »

You don’t really need one since the unit won’t remain Routed for long. At the beginning of the next Turn it’s parent Brigade will need to test on the Faltering Brigade Table. If it gets an “Obey Orders” outcome the unit rallies and is no longer Routed, if not it disperses and is removed.
Generally mixing up the unit bases is a disorderly way is enough to serve as a reminder and it’s unlikely your opponent will forget.


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Re: Should there be a Rout Marker?

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Yes, one's opponent generally make's for a very useful Routed Unit Reminder system! ;)


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