When is a Flank Determined?

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When is a Flank Determined?

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Page 66 has the definition of Flanked as, “At least one base of the enemy unit must be completely behind the front base edge of the testing unit and within 15cm [9”]. There must be a clear line of sight with no intervening friendly units.

Question 1: If an enemy unit starts its move not flanking an enemy and moves to flank the unit during the move phase, when it fires is the target unit considered “Flanked”?

Question 2: If an enemy unit starts its charge not flanking an enemy, but after completing its charge move, now flanks the target, is the target unit “Flanked” for charge purposes? This happens often when a Pursue result occurs after an initial charge result of Give ‘Em Cold Steel!. The charging unit has to wheel to get to the new target and the resulting move, puts the charging unit in the flank of the target.

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Re: When is a Flank Determined?

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Whether a unit is Flanked or not is determined at the point when either the enemy unit fires or initiates the Charge Procedure at the 5cm (3”) point.

Keep in mind that Charges and Pursuits must be conducted in a straight line other than using any bonus dice to wheel at the start of the move. Pursuits are also directed against the nearest enemy unit which can limit opportunities, but yes it can be easier to get a Flanked result in a Pursuit situation.


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