On Table Reserves - Movement

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On Table Reserves - Movement

Post by MarcusColenious »

Preface: I understand that I can have on-table reserves, and I also understand that I do not need to roll for the on-table reserves to obey orders each turn.

Question 1: Can I give a location for on-table reserves to go prior to a game starting, outside of the deployment zone, to await further orders?

Example 1: During deployment, the union troops can deploy up to 12" on the table along a table edge. The table is heavily wooded, and extends to say 18" on to the table. Instead of having my on-table reserve sit 12" on the table and have to move through 6" more of the table, I want to move the reserves during play to the edge of the table?

Question 2: Can I move on-table reserves after the game starts without releasing them from Reserve, to a location on the battle field to await further orders?

Example: During play, my reserves are in center of my deployment table edge in first 12 inches of the table. I can see that my battle is going well, but my forces are weakening on my right, and i might need to fall back. Can I keep my reserves On-Table Reserve status, but move them to a small farm on the right flank to await orders to be committed to battle?

If so, how?

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Re: On Table Reserves - Movement

Post by Archdukek »

Hi Marcus,

I’m more familiar with GDA but I think the answer to both your questions is No.
My understanding Is that you cannot move On Table Reserves unless they are released from Reserve and committed to a position in the battle line.
In your second example you could commit the reserve Brigade and move it to defend the area of the farm but it would no longer be in Reserve. You could then subsequently issue a Redeploy Tasking to have it move elsewhere in the battle line.


Tony TRT
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Re: On Table Reserves - Movement

Post by Tony TRT »

I agree with John on this.
If your on table reserve starts to move it means two things.

You have used a staff officer to "Commit Reserve" and your men are no longer in reserve.


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