MELEE: Casualty Distribution

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MELEE: Casualty Distribution

Post by Trailape »

Hi Guys

Quick question.

Three Confederate regiments in line (one behind the other) charge a Battery with 1 union Regiment on its flank and one to the rear.
After the melee the rusult sees six hit on the Yanks and 5 on the rebs.
How are they hits distributed?
I'm assuming as evenly as possible with any odd hits going on the lead unit, so:
2 on the lead Reb Regiment, 2 on the next in line behind the lead and 1 on the third unit in the rear.
For the yanks 2 on the battery, 2 on the unit to the flank and 2 on the unit behind the battery.
Is this correct and either way can you point to the reference explaining how hits are distributed?

Much appreciated.



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Re: MELEE: Casualty Distribution

Post by Tony TRT »

Hi Scott,

I can see nothing in the rules that gives guidance on how melee casualties are distributed.

For firing "Units firing against multiple targets spread the fire and casualties as evenly as possible against all eligible targets".

I agree with your logic, all the units are participating in the melee and therefore casualties are spread as evenly as possible among all the units with any odd casualties going to the charge and defending leads.


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Re: MELEE: Casualty Distribution

Post by DCRBrown »

Use the standard even distribution of casualties, starting with the lead unit and any odd casualty left over also goes on the lead unit.


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