I Ain't been Nuked, Mum!

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Re: I Ain't been Nuked, Mum!

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Archdukek wrote:I know nothing about the period so forgive me if these suggestions are daft, but reading these posts two thoughts occurred to me. Assuming you are sticking to the current IABSM groundscale or thereabouts :

1) Could you treat ATGMs as a form of pre-game barrage, a gauntlet of fire which armoured assets have to run before they appear on the table. So your planned armoured support might literally go up in smoke.
2) Could you designate areas of the table which are covered by the enemy's off table ATGM assets where there is a risk of attack if the appropriate card is drawn. A bit like the use of off table AT guns in some of the CoC Pint Sized Campaigns.

Both would work fine, and I think I like the second idea best.

Nevertheless, certain ATGM assets could be used as-is on an IABSM table. But the fact is that many forces (much of NATO, all of WarPac) intentionally used unguided rockets at short range and guided rockets at long range. The zones that guided and unguided weapons were meant to cover were designed not to overlap significantly (consider the Anti-Tank platoon in WarPac battalions... they had RPG-7 for under 500 meters and AT-3 for over 500 meters).

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