Armour Value Questions: Weird?

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John Thomas8
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Armour Value Questions: Weird?

Post by John Thomas8 »

So, I've got a really goofy project I've decided to do:

A tournament of "Super Heavy Tanks"!!!

The Players:
British TOG2 or Tortoise (whichever model I can get my hands on)
Russian KV5
Japanese I-O
German Maus
French FCM F1

Draw lots, play the first round and the best score gets a bye to the finals.

I'm going to play a modified IABSM, basically stealing the tank v tank shooting rules and doing up cards for tank actions in leu of unit activation cards.

What I'm looking for in input on weapon strike/armour values for these critters.

TIA for any inputs.

Yes, I'm silly.

Achtung Minen!
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Re: Armour Value Questions: Weird?

Post by Achtung Minen! »

US T95 GMC: 24 Armour
TOG2: 9 Armour
Tortoise: 18 Armour
KV5: 14 Armour
O-I Tank (120 ton version): 16 Armour
Maus: 18 Armour
FCM F1: 8 Armour

Rich H
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Re: Armour Value Questions: Weird?

Post by Rich H »

Armour pen on the T-95 105mm gun is 11" at 2000 yards

Done the T-95 adn Tortoise in 1/56... Not the rest yet though.

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