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Operation Compass

Posted: Sun Aug 10, 2014 9:15 am
by Zippee
One for Rob really,

I'm putting together Scenario 5 (Tummar West) for a demo type game and have some questions:

1) Troop ratings, converting old to new it looks like 7 sections of veteran Fusiliers, 1 of elite (no LMG) kiwis plus 3 more veteran Punjabis against 4 squads of green Libyans and 2 MMGs. Is that correct on the ratings - if so this doesn't look like much of a challenge (ignoring Matildas and ATGs for the moment) - may need to regrade or inflate Italian numbers a bit, thoughts?

2) Smoke for the huts - is that to blow from the NE (across the table towards the parade ground) or to the NE (directly off table)?

3) Dug Outs - I had thought these were the canvass covered trenches and thus defensible all round but the scenario indicates only a door. Are these actually fighting positions or just a cellar waiting for a grenade from the one entrance?

4) Huts - these are burning but the scenario suggests the Italians use them as starting positions, how so if they are burning? Usually you evacuate immediately. . .

Any useful insight or helpful comment gratefully received
(Umpteenth attempt to post this due to forum gremlins :roll: )

Re: Operation Compass

Posted: Mon Aug 11, 2014 10:50 am
by Vis Bellica
Hi Zippee

1) The Punjabis don't arrive until the fifth appearance of the Turn Card, so around ten turns into the game. That puts eight squads of good Commonwealth infantry against four squads of poor Libyan infantry, but the Libyans can start the game in trenches under concealed Blinds. I think that's about right, but I'm not denying that it's a difficult game for the Libyans. However, as ever, if you want to upweight the Libyans, feel free. Just add more of them!

2) Poorly worded on my part: the wind is blowing from the north-east, so the smoke will billow across the western half of the table rather than directly off table.

3) The dug outs are a bit like wattle and daub huts but made out of sandbags. Dig down to waist level, then pile up sandbags to make walls to just over head height, use a bit of canvas as the roof. They are obviously more like glorified wind-breaks than bunkers! I would allow all round fire if the Libyans order their men to make fire ports...and then maybe half a squad a side or the whole thing collapses!

4) I assumed the Italians would know that when I said buildings I didn't mean burning buildings! No, they may not start the game in burning hut.

Don't forget that the Matildas have no HE only solid shot, so can only use their machine guns against the enemy infantry.

Hope you enjoy the game



Re: Operation Compass

Posted: Mon Aug 11, 2014 2:55 pm
by Zippee
Cheers Rob,

That all sounds pretty sensible. I think I'll add a squad or two of Libyans - for inexperienced players it could all be over very quickly!

Check on smoke

That's my understanding of the dugouts too, there's lots of pictures available. It certainly describes my homemade models :D . I think I'll allow them to fire 1 squad per side but at a -2 penalty for poor design build (again don't want to overcomplicate mechanics for newbies) - probably limit them to a squad occupancy as well. I'm intrigued as to what value they'll place on the tunnels :shock:

Not to be picky (moi?) but you do actually say "...under cover (ie in a building, dug out or trench)" hence my question :D

No worries, no HE for 2pdrs; tick!

I'll drop you some photos and an AAR to Vis if I get the chance to run the camera