Russian Rifle Company Q

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Russian Rifle Company Q

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Russian Rifle company- 1943-44
HQ- 1 Big Man lvl III
2 Maxim MMG with 5 crew each.

Can the MMG be placed within 2 of the 3 platoons in the company?

Also, how does one model the Mortar Vzvod telephone link to the company HQ?
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Re: Russian Rifle Company Q

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Attaching an MMG to an infantry squad is an interesting one, to which the best answer is "it depends"!

Technically, it's possible, before the game begins, to attach an MMG to an infantry squad. The MMG would then have to stay attached to the squad for the rest of the game, and would (although it still retained its own dice for Actions) activate on that squad's card.

The difficulty comes when the squad&MMG wants to move. Technically, an MMG can only move with a Big Man present. If the squad&MMG has no Big Man present, and wants to move, does the MMG team say "no, we can't move, we were ordered to set up here and that's what we're doing and the rest of you have to stay with us because we're attached" or does it magically grow the ability to move without a Big Man? Umpire's decision based on circumstance. And remember that an MMG team cannot move and fire in the same turn.

Telephone line? What new fangled (probably fascist) technology is this? What is wrong with sending Private Ordinov with a note like we've always done?

Again, Umpire's choice. If defending, then a telephone line is probable; but if attacking, it's probably down to Ordinov...or those flags he's got...or that pigeon (Speckled Jimski?)!

Hope that helps


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