Late war East Front winter game in 6mm

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Late war East Front winter game in 6mm

Post by mluther » Sat Feb 09, 2019 3:52 pm

We played a East Front winter game using IABSM and my 6mm stuff last week.
This action takes place north of the Danube as a Kampfgruppe of the 20th Pz swings left to get behind the Soviet lines around Bucs. The Obitsky Canal was on the north edge of the table-the Soviet entry line.
The Germans (William) would enter along the south edge with 8) PzIVH/Js and Sdkfz 251s mounted Pz grd 2) 4 section companies, 2) Stummels 2) MMG teams and a FO for a couple of 82mm mortars I put a Blitzkrieg and Rapid Deployment card in for them and they had a+2 Tank ace. The only way to get across the canal was via 2 bridges.The table is flat and cut by several hedges. A farm off to the right is unoccupied. There are some defensive works facing east from the earlier actions in which the Russian forced the Axis defenders back.
The Russians (Randy and myself) had the remain of the 30th Guards Mech Brig of the 9th Mech Corps. 6) M4A2s (76mm), 2) Valentine IXs, and 6 sections of Guards infantry, 2) MMG teams and 3) ATR teams. There was a FO for a section of medium mortars. And 4) SU76s from the 697th Self propelled Art Rgt were also available.
We would start coming in as blinds on turn 2 from the north edge so we had to cross the canal. We also were low on AP ammo, so when a tank rolled doubles, we would only have one more turn of firing. The SUs had to roll doubles twice. This was to be unnecessary.
Link to the flickr page: ... 9344572973

ImageView from the southwest edge by Mark Luther, on Flickr
ImagePanzers on overwatch by Mark Luther, on Flickr

ImageFirst Emcha hit by Mark Luther, on Flickr
Imagesecond M4 explodes by Mark Luther, on Flickr

ImageValentines swing left by Mark Luther, on Flickr

ImageMore panzers moving up by Mark Luther, on Flickr

ImageStummels by Mark Luther, on Flickr

ImageGrenadiers dash across the bridge by Mark Luther, on Flickr


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Re: Late war East Front winter game in 6mm

Post by john de terre neuve » Sun Feb 10, 2019 2:07 pm

Terrific modeling skills as usual.


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