British Armoured Car Squadron 1944.

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British Armoured Car Squadron 1944.

Post by Darren » Fri Feb 01, 2019 8:12 pm

Hi All,

From my previous Flames of War days I have a British armoured car squadron.

My plan is use the models I have to field a squadron for the 2nd Household Cavalry Regiment (2HCR)

2HCR and 2nd Battalion Welsh Guards were the recon assets for the Guards Armoured Division during Operation Market Garden.

I’ve seen the British recon list on Pg12 of battles for liberation and the “The swan” mini-campaign in the Christmas 2015 special. These lists are for a recon squadron/regiment attached an infantry division. The main difference is that the armoured car squadrons don’t have a carrier section. Armoured car squadron/regiments were attached to armoured divisions.

My intention is to use the list below to play the “The swan” mini-campaign. And, to play the West of Pierrecourt scenario from Blenneville or Bust scenario book, replacing the American troops with 2HCR.

The 2HCR are elite troops and will have 4 actions.

The list below is based on the British 1944 armoured car squadron TO&E and the models I already have.

Squadron HQ;
Big man IV.
Big man III.
2, Staghound armoured cars.

2-3, Armoured Car Troops;
Big man III
2, Daimler armoured cars.
2, Dingo scout cars

Assault troop;
Big man III
2” mortar
3, 8-man infantry sections.
4, M5 half-tracks
2, demolition charges per section. Why? Part of these troops job was to clear obstacles for armoured cars, hence the demolition charges.

Support units available from the Guards Armoured Division.

Armoured Recon Troop;
Big man II.
4, Cromwell tanks.
One tank maybe swapped for a Challenge tank destroyer or Cromwell CS tank.

Anti-tank troop;
Big man II.
2-4, Achilles tank destroyers

Motor Rifle platoon;
Big man II
2” mortar
3, 8-man infantry sections.
4, M5 half-tracks

Artillery troop;
4, 25pdr
OP carrier

I’m happy hear any thoughts regarding the 2HCR list.

And, are there recon scenarios anyone has developed they would be willing to share.

I'm currently building a German Armoured Recon Company using the lists on Pg65-66 from battles for liberation.


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Re: British Armoured Car Squadron 1944.

Post by cornelius » Sat Mar 09, 2019 11:05 am

I don't think by Market Garden that the Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment was being used in the Recce role but rather in the "regimental" all-arms pairings of an Infantry and Armoured battion, so the Welsh one would be the 2nd Welsh Guards (Cromwell Regiment) and the 1st Battalion (infantry). The armoured car regiments were (informally) added to the armoured divisions to provide a recce capability, though they also retained corps recce responsibility too.

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