Rules for on table medium mortars

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Rules for on table medium mortars

Post by StephenC »

Dipping my toe into playing IABSM. Had a solo game yesterday where i played scenario 1 from the Yyazma or Bust scenario booklet.
It includes on-table medium mortars for each side. I know these can only move and fire when instructed by an attached Big Man, but i cant find any mention of their ranges, or how to work out if they hit and then to what effect.
Section 4.5.4 mentions light mortars, and section 9 covers off-table fire.
Section 7 covers direct fire, but a mortar is surely indirect.
Any advice appreciated.

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Re: Rules for on table medium mortars

Post by Archdukek »

Hi Stephen,
You will find detailed rules for German and Soviet medium mortars in the Vpered na Berlin supplement, including ranges. Basically they have the range to hit anything on the table, but the German 8cm mortar has a 8" minimum range, while the Soviet 82mm mortar has a 12" minimum range. Below those ranges the crew use their rifles.

You alway fire them using the procedures in Chapter 9, except that on table mortars do not need to roll on the Indirect Fire Support Table on page 57 - they are always immediately available. They have a kill zone as described in 9.3.1.

Hope that helps.


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Re: Rules for on table medium mortars

Post by dsenebrecht »

resurrecting this thread.. just finished playing Scenario 19 from Anzio. Americans had two separate stands with each stand having one 81-mm mortar.
So, since these were not organized as a "two medium mortar section" (cf. section 9.3.1 of rules) ............................we went with a modified version of section 4.5.4 Light Mortars ................ as these were
(a) On-board mortars;
(b) had a direct line of sight of about 36 inches to Germans hiding behind hastily-dug trenches and
(c) since they were essentially single tube units acting separately.......they were equivalent to "light mortars larger than 50mm"......
(d) we played it as first turn of activation or shooting at new target: 5-6 equals a shock point with 6 equals a Hit
(3) second turn shooting at the same target, 4-5-6 equals a Shock point with 6 equals a Hit.

Another question, for on-board medium they dice for deviation even if the actual piece has a direct line of site to Target or only Dice for deviation if for example, the mortar section is behind a house and their fire is being observed by a dedicated FO or Big Men directing their fire.

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