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Operation we have been allowed out.

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2020 8:07 pm
by Baldie
As we have briefly been allowed out me and a chum decided to have a game.

Set up in the garden was great, infact only thing I would have to say as a negative was having a chum round does rather force you to make sure the garden has a little TLC beforehand.

Usually we have four or six players but as it was just us two I thought a simple game to get us back into the rules.

Game saw Andy with three Zero's vs three Corsairs. Each side had a top ace and and two regular airmen. As I had chores and so did Andy we set off straight at each other.

In a ridiculous turn of affairs the American ace ended up right in front of his opponent and got the drop on him, dakka, dakka, dakka and a pilot kill. One of the regulars then let rip at the Japanese wingman and I do mean RIP, second zero splashed. As game was in effect over in less time than it took to finish our drinks I decided to let my opponents last Zero turn out to be a top ace who had switched planes with his chum. So three corsairs vs a single zero for the win.

As it happens the Japanese ace took out one corsair with a pilot kill, shot down the second who managed to bail out and land on a Japanese airfield so was not in for a good time me thinks. In the last turn my American ace was leaking fuel and the Japanese ace had jammed guns. Both set off for home base and we two happy gamers went off about our chores.

Great to get a game in, though I admit to referencing the wrong critical chart which may explain the high kill rate so early.

Pics to follow tomorrow.