Air Gunners: Can They and?

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Re: Air Gunners: Can They and?

Post by Archdukek »

Hi James,
If regular air gunners are restricted to fire only once in a turn, then why would you add more than one Air gunner card to the deck? I've also assumed that their greater ammo capacity, alongside the lower risk of them actually hitting, is why they might get multiple shots in a turn.


James C
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Re: Air Gunners: Can They and?

Post by James C »


My assumption has been to prevent the vagaries of the card deck allowing a fighter to pass through a bomber formation (especially a large one) without receiving any gunner fire at all.

First, imagine a B-17 formation with only one gunner card. The card comes out near the beginning of the deck, and through the rest of the deck all fighters get a free shot at the formation. Doesn’t seem quite right.

Now imagine a B-17 formation with three gunner cards, and all three come out in a row, and the gunner of one B-17 gets to fire at the oncoming FW190 three times in a row. Doesn’t seem quite right.

(of note, this three in a row actually happened to me, which caused me to re-think the way I was playing gunners. In one fashion I would prefer not to have to track if a gunner fired, as it would result in few tokens on the table for tracking).

This is my current solution that I’m using, but I’m constantly tweaking to be more efficient or reconsidering my interpretation of the rules. This may be the inciting event to get me on twitter and just ask Johnny (‘Nick’) Danger directly.


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Re: Air Gunners: Can They and?

Post by Billchuck »

My understanding is:
1. You can only roll one attack on an air gunner card. (12.1 para 1, “an air gunner... can fire on an enemy...”)

2. An air gunner can fire only once a turn. (12.1 para 5, “... additional aircraft whose gunners are shooting... and which have not already fired.”)

3. Any number of air gunners can participate in that attack, as long as the target is in arc and in range. But each participating air gunner has now fired, and cannot participate in any other attacks this turn.

So, yes, if every air gunner is in range and arc to shoot at the same plane, they can all fire. But then the remaining air gunner cards this turn do nothing, because there are no air gunners able to fire.

The crossfire bit, I don’t know because I can’t find it explained anywhere. I think I’ll play it as “for each additional fire arc from which the target is taking fire, add 2 dice.”

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