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Re: Beginner

Post by Chris68 »

The European theatre '44 will be perfect for now.

Thank you for the advice and link - I've bookmarked it
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Re: Beginner

Post by gilliessim »

I am rather new to CoC too and for what it is worth, heed these guys advice closely! I jumped in and did my own thing and am now seeing all these good ideas and having to go back and alter stuff. I can not recommend highly enough the blog post Tactical Painter linked to on starting up with chain of command, between that and his AAR's there is a lot of great info you can find.

Second bit is really do consider a pint sized campaign if you can find an opponent. I am one game into 29 Let's Go and am already hooked with the system. It is also really easy to gather a platoon together and gives you a ready made structure to shoot for.

Anyway like I said, I'm new so do listen to the other guys!

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Re: Beginner

Post by 7dot62mm »

For 20mm scale Americans I would suggest the following… In principle you need to decide if you’re playing Normandy 1944, the winter of 1944-1945 or later conflicts as the uniforms will differ. CoC is really a platoon-scale game so you’d need to paint a platoon + support elements. Of course you could play a first game with just two squads or something.

For Normandy 1944 (M41 uniforms with the distinctive Parson jacket):
Plastic Soldier Company “late-war” US soldiers.
Italeri set 6120
Caesar US Infantry Set I

AB Figures (the Gold Standard or 20mm)
SHQ (which I like a lot)

For fall 1944 and the rest of the war (M43 uniform) also usable for Italian front 1943 onwards:
ESCI/Italeri US Soldiers
Caesar US Infantry Set II

Battlefield Miniatures Blitz range is absolutely great.

For winter 1944-1945 (Greatcoats, winter clothing):
Revell US Infantry Winter
Italeri US infantry Winter Uniform set 6133

CP Models TQD range
Grubby Figures

Almost all of the above ranges will include 30-caliber MMGs and Bazookas. Other popular support weapons include the 60mm mortar and of course the M4 Sherman with 75mm gun (no 76mm guns in Normandy). The best model of M4 Sherman may be the Heller model, though the Italeri M4A3 quick build is also ok and much faster to build. Remember to literally bury the tank in stowage to make it look realistic.

For US helmets, vehicles and other equipment you may find the Vallejo 887 Brown Violet to be the best paint in the Vallejo range.

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